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The games industry is constantly innovating, from the earliest days of Pong to the vast open- world games of today. How games look, how games are made and what games can do, is constantly evolving, and is doing so at an increasing rate every year. Labs at Keywords Studios wants to contribute to that innovation and help developers and publishers build better games faster and more effectively. To do so, we are calling on everyone in the game industry, our employees, our clients and anyone else, to share how they believe we can build better games. Ideas will be evaluated by our experts across various disciplines and when we believe we can contribute to the solution we will invest time, resources and money into them.

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Imagine More potential unlocked at every stage of the game development cycle.

Keywords Studios are the #1 technical and creative solutions provider to the video games industry. Trusted by 24 of the top 25 games companies worldwide, we deliver sector-leading 360° services, covering ideation, technical development, QA/localization, marketing, community engagement and player support. With over 70 studios located across 26 countries and five continents, and a team of 12,000+ professionals representing industry-leading expertise at every stage of game development, Keywords is your go-to collaborator

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Who can participate?

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As a Keywords employee

Tell us what are things you come up against in your work that you believe could be done more effectively. This could be something that saves you time, increases the quality of your work, or removes friction from your work process. Employee login

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As a Keywords Client

What are problems that keep you up at night, what is preventing you from shipping better games, faster? Reach out to your Keywords Studios Account Manager to set up a conversation with Labs.

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To anyone in the game industry ecosystem

Register yourself on our platform, including your specific skill or area of expertise. We’re looking for freelancers, small teams, companies with technical solutions and academic institutions. When we start looking at these innovations, we want to call on the right people and companies from the eco-system to help us build the solutions.

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Labs at Keywords Studio Team

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Jeroen Bouwman

Head of Labs at Keywords Studios

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Jamie Campbell

Global Head of Innovation

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